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    Every custom 1911 made by South Fork Arms starts of with the highest quality forged frame and slide machine and hand lapped with extreme precision and the tightest tolerances available. Unlike other custom 1911 manufacturers,  South Fork Arms 1911's all come standard with the finest barrel available, a  ECM "Cathode Electrode Discharge Machined"  Nowlin Match Barrel with a bore tolerance  that vary less than .0002" from end to end  of the bore for extreme accuracy. Nowlin Match Barrels are made from special lots of 416R stainless stee to give them extreme service life. Nowlin has had some customers rate there .45ACP barrels with 200,000+ rounds still going strong. 9mm/38 Super barrels will run well over 60,000 with jacketed ammo.   I fit and cut a match chamber and cut the barrel down in overall length to fit the slide and finish it off with a perfect  target crown.

     The grip safety I install on each South Fork Arms 1911 is made of the highest quality available. Each grip safety will be hand fit and blended in for the perfect feel in your hand. I use a high ride grip safety to give you the highest hold  possible on you South Fork Arms 1911 for less muzzle flip and greater control and better comfort and feel. Or if you prefer I can install a Ed Brown or Wilson Combat grip safety. 
    All South Fork Arms LLC 1911's will have a  "Match quality trigger" with a  Cylinder & Slide Ultra Low Mass Sear manufactured from aero space steel alloy.  Designed to be used for extremely light trigger pulls. Faster reset time due to low mass which reduces the chance of following with very light trigger pulls.  The Sear bearing surface is micro honed to produce as low as a  2 lb. pull easily. Heat treated to 53-56 Rockwell C for extreme durability. Out lasts all other sears now on the market. Competition proven to last!!!   South Fork Arms 1911 also come with  a Cylinder & Slide Forged slide release that is CNC machined from a true steel forging and properly heat treated after machining.  I also Hand fit and blend in a Cylinder & Slide extended thumb safety. 
     I also offer you not only the great and standard .45 acp (automatic Colt pistol) caliber but I also offer the 9mm, the powerful 10mm, and the extremely accurate and flat shooting .38 Super. With several custom finish options available like Ion-Bond,  or a Hard Chrome finish that has a lifetime warranty. If it should chip, peel, or fail in any way we re-finish it!!!  A Matte blue finish is available on the Rogue 1911,  and the most beautiful finishes available anywhere  the color- case hardened  frame with the mirror polish finish on the sides of the slide on the South Fork Arms "Custom Elite" model.  There are several options available on each gun to fit your  needs to make your  custom 1911 a true custom gun just for you!!!  If there is a option that you do not see listed on the gun you would like, please call to discuss as we may be able to fill your needs.  The fact is -- in all the big name manufacturers out there, none offer,  in even there" top of the line" or "best model"  the premium parts I do, NONE!!!     
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